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The founders and partners of Arhel have extensive experience in outsourcing. Offering Web and Software development services and being located in Eastern Europe,  Arhel provides best of breed consultancy, both on inhouse or outsource basis. Arhel also delivers to customers professional services in e-commerce development (B2B, B2C, B2E), portal composing, custom content management systems and innovative technology for all digital channels.

We successfully deliver solutions based on world leading technologies like: IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, ATG Dynamo, Tridion, Interwoven and Microsoft. Our goal is to cover all phases in project lifecycle, from capturing requirements through system analysis, to design and development until final deployment.

We strive to produce high quality web applications, which will satisfy our client's needs in accordance with requirements and within given timeframe.




Arhel is committed to building three-tier applications. When we produce our applications we predominantly use the leading world's technologies. In other words we try to keep up with the time and technology. Here are the technologies we use for server-side:

-Java application servers (IBM Websphere, Bea WebLogic, ATG Dynamo)
-Java Enterprise Technologies (EJB, JMS, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JavaMail, JTA, RMI-IIOP)
-Web servers (Apache, Internet Information Server)
-Scripting languages (PHP, ASP)

Besides these technologies we also use most popular Object-Oriented languages like Java and C++. Combining these languages with XML and SQL our development team provides powerful applications, which are fully reliable, flexible and scalable.

In the core of our applications we have strong database system. Our past projects involve data storages like Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, MySQL, MS SQL Server. Data storages like these provide applications with high performance. Together with objects in applications, which communicate transparently using one or more data interchange technologies like XML, IIOP, HTTP, SSL, RMI and others, our solutions satisfy any customer demands.




We are aware that skilled individuals are not enough for team to succeed in developing application. For that reason we adopted modified version of RUP as our methodology for projects development. From requirements to code and quality assurance with our methodology we succeed in bringing different people and their different skills to optimum use during project lifecycle.

Our project methodology consists of:

- Vision statement
- Use Cases
- Requirements
- System architecture
- Creative Design
- Prototype
- User Interface Guidelines
- Development
- Test
- Follow-up

We are keeping always in mind that no process can satisfy all people or all projects. We focus on Internet development and by using this methodology our projects are done on time and within budget. We are ready to go to great lengths to meet that commitment.

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